Who Is Sharad Raghav

Sharad Raghav hails from the princely state of Rajasthan. Armed with Diploma in design from Kota he moved to Delhi and gained tons of experience working as Senior Designer in different export houses. His true calling brought him to Mumbai where he did many big projects like ITA ( Indian Television Awards) from 2005-2007 , designing of the ethnic Ghagra-Choli for Natasha Suri at Miss World 2006 contest which won the best costume award at the show, and he has many such incredible feats under his belt.

“From an early age, my textbooks were filled with doodles of cuffs, collars and so on. Lesser known then, was the fact that these doodles would soon translate into fashion illustrations, a rich traditional vocabulary of Indian Art and craft. However the blossoming romance of six years, between fashion and me eventually gave birth to the label Sharad Raghav” speaks the designer.

“I do not aim to create mere designs but distinct personas” – says Sharad Raghav


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